Chat Support

Easy-to-use powerful live chat support applications that deliver instant messaging technology to your customers’ fingertips.

Our live chat support agents are the Voice of Your Brand, one conversation at a time. These dedicated Care Specialists exude expertise and passion in every chat interaction.

Care Specialists deliver superior customer service. That means more satisfied customers, more sales, greater ROI and AOV, higher conversion rates, less shopping cart abandonment, and increased brand loyalty.

A great website alone doesn’t generate sales

With live chat support, our Care Specialists are always available to meet-and-greet your website’s visitors. We provide a comfortable conversation platform with which to engage your customers and to quickly respond to their queries with personalized assistance. We make browsing and shopping on your website an immersive experience for your customers.

The personal touch

Our Care Specialists utilize proactive chat to rescue your customers from check-out errors or zero search-return encounters. For example, a customer has been in the shopping cart page for a period of 80-90 seconds – we send them a message: “Do you need help with your checkout?” We can also initiate live chat customer support within 5 seconds to assist website shoppers after a product search returns zero results – “Hi! May I offer you some assistance with your search?” Our proactive live chat allows your visitor to know that the service is available without being intrusive. After a 30 second delay, the chat window disappears if there’s been no response.

We’re listening

PanAmericom’s Care Specialists provide reactive chat support now – when the customer’s want it. They ask, we deliver. Customer satisfaction is closely ranked with service quality, and the quick response of our specialists with a reactive live chat ensures a greater opportunity to differentiate your brand and enhance the customer’s experience.


Multiple live chat conversations with one Care Specialist. Money saved. Quick responses. Greater ROI. By anticipating your customers’ needs and providing personalized chat support, we can increase customers’ confidence in your products and services. Our specialists are trained to know your brand intimately and deliver high-quality service on the level that your customers expect and demand.

Your brand deserves the best attention it can get. Get the best with PanAmericom.

Come grow with us

PanAmericom builds your brand loyalty and increases your customer retention. Our Care Specialists give visitors to your website the special attention they need and want to convert them into long-time customers. PanAmericom can provide you with customized reports to measure the effect of proactive and reactive live chat events on check-out errors, shopping cart abandonment, customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and average order values. Our goal is to provide the most helpful and efficient service possible, to your website’s visitors and in doing so boost your sales and grow your brand loyalty.