Order Management

PanAmericom understands the importance of a seamless order management process. We make it cost-effective and flexible.

We are experts at order management and taking care of your brand. Your customers get great service. You get accuracy and transparency.

When you outsource order management to PanAmericom, you can be sure your customers will still believe they’re talking to your staff. We carefully follow your scripts and adopt your brand personality in all conversations to reinforce your image. We have taken thousands of orders over our 15-year history and are happy to share what we’ve learned about the best practices to optimize order management for your company.

Flexibility in ordering platforms

Our Order Management System (OMS) is a powerful, full-featured system that many of our clients use as their platform. For other clients, we learn and use the clients own proprietary systems or other commercially available systems. For still others, we use web-based systems and place orders from their site just as customers would. We can take any approach, and our technology teams are experts at integrating systems so your operations remain consistent.

Reporting on what matters

Our web-based reporting provides access to real-time data on call volumes, service levels, average talk times, abandonment rates, inventory levels, order backlogs, daily sales and more. We can integrate this data into your existing reporting structure so you can optimize your strategies and tactics on the fly.

Complying with PCI standards

To ensure the security of your customers’ personal and financial information, we are compliant with PCI security standards; we maintain controlled access to our facilities, technology and network operations; and we track who accesses what.

Cost-efficient staffing

We have the flexibility to staff your account with dedicated or shared agents to make the order management both cost-efficient and personalized. To your customers, of course, all our agents sound as if they work for your company. You also have the option to ask our agents to raise your AOV via upselling and cross-selling, which they are all trained to do