Account Management

A better client/contact center relationship.

To make sure we’re getting the results you want, our account managers communicate constantly with you and discuss people, metrics, plans and everything else affecting your account.

The Brand Care culture at PanAmericom fosters close working relationships with our clients. Harnessing this strong sense of teamwork, our goal is to create a superior customer experience that can be recreated day in and day out.

Gathering the team

The first step in the process is assembling the team. The team is comprised of employees from both companies and includes such disciplines as Training, Marketing, Product Development, Operations, Quality Assurance, Merchandising, IT, Project Management, and Human Resources. Members of the team visit each other’s locations and begin the process of conveying and assimilating the culture behind the brand.

Getting to know you

This process often includes learning about how and where products are made, about materials and workmanship; it includes understanding characteristics of the brand that go beyond the product itself and include the aspirations and characteristics of the customer.

When knowledge becomes skill

This knowledge is transformed into a recruitment profile that suits the brand, and into a training curriculum through which it can be transferred to the potential Brand Care Specialists. Training materials and methods are developed, and time frames are established; each member of the team takes on a specific role and responsibility.

Forecasts of call volume are analyzed, service levels are set, and previous history is studied. Every discipline contributes to the common goal. Costs are closely considered and recommendations are made to maximize efficiency. Product training materials are produced and systems training is developed.

Turning soft skills into hard results

Reporting criteria and methods are established, as are management practices for ensuring ongoing improvements based on results of reports. Quality assurance standards and practices are put into place. Coaching and ongoing training methods and media are determined. Escalation hierarchies provide guidance for exceptions to established rules.

Within the call center the workplace begins to resemble the client’s own store. Banners and posters extol the values of the brand, products are everywhere, and Care Specialists begin to think of themselves as true representatives of the brand.

The outcome

All the creative energy and hard work of the combined team is channeled into a few minutes of the best possible customer care.  And the reason the most trusted brands trust PanAmericom becomes clear.