Energy & Retail power

We have extensive experience in delivering world-class contact solutions for both regulated and deregulated energy companies. Our services include customer service, billing inquiries, collections, satisfaction surveys, sales, reactive marketing campaign management, group product sales and event management services. We offer fully redundant call center services than enable a wide range of contact management options. We realize and value our client’s unique needs and listen to help understand and recommend solutions that help our energy clients grow their relationships with their customers

As energy deregulation gains traction, competition in the form of price and perceived value accelerate. In an environment with choice, price may be the initial motivation. However, price alone does not make for a lasting relationship. Customer persistency and satisfaction are linked to the overall experience which includes more often than not the call center. That's where we come in. As a call center company we understand people. We use our people, process and technology to deliver for our clients.

Our Contact Management Solutions Help Customers With:

  • Improving Customer Satisfaction

Understanding what our clients are looking to accomplish is the first step in building a foundation for call center success. With goals clearly defined and alignment with all stakeholders we can develop a call center solution that listens for, encourages and redirects the right behaviors. By staying focused on the right behavior, we can deliver on our client’s promise and commitment of customer satisfaction

  • Driving Lower Cost Per Contact Through Self Service Tools

It's unusual for call center companies to actively look for ways to lower call volume and costs; however our goal is to 'make our clients business better'. We do this by taking a balanced approach. Whether it's through customer education of self-service tools including the Web, IVR or other we are constantly challenging ourselves to do what is right for our clients

  • Monetize the Customer Base Through Effective Call Center Sales

Every chance to interact with your customers is a potential opportunity to expand the relationship, amplifying the value you provide. Our call center sales platform is designed to accelerate hard fought sales momentum and provide a call center environment that can produce exceptional sales results for a host of products and services. We have extensive experience in the planning of support for reactive marketing including billboards, banner ads, TV and print. We have the call center expertise and technological capabilities to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously and deliver call center reporting/analytics in real time.

  • Increase Call Center Redundancy and Reliability

Don't tell the boss, but we blew the budget on our call center infrastructure. With a state-of-the art infrastructure that has multiple site redundancies throughout the United States, Philippines and Panama, we are confident you will be impressed with our ability to provide seamless, reliable call center service where and when you need it.

  • Call Center Event Management Services

As a call center company we live and breathe call volume. Whether it's forecasted or not we understand how to maintain high-levels of efficiency and make sure every call is answered with quality. For seasonal spikes caused by usage and economics we can employ highly cost-effective solutions that maintain our clients' high standards of customer satisfaction while at the same time deliver a lower cost per call. During times of extreme weather or system outages, we employ a proven platform that is designed to meet unusually high call volume with skilled resources. The benefit to our clients is that they have access to highly skilled call center agents trained on their business; but don’t have the carrying cost during non-event driven months.

  • Champion vs. Challenger Model

We love competition. The Champion vs. Challenger model is a great way to benchmark your internal call centers and/or your call center vendors' productivity. This model helps uncover a better way forward and allows for maximum testing and calibration. Also, it answers that nagging question "Are we doing the best we can?"

Our contact management solutions for energy companies are designed to drive the right behaviors in the call center environment to make our clients business better. We achieve this in part through our ability to listen, recommend a path forward and deliver on those expectations.