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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Contact Center Outsourcing

PanAmericom supports a wide range of healthcare initiatives using a proven dedicated contact center services model.The healthcare industry manages sensitive financial, emotional and privacy issues between providers, employers and individuals. As the sector evolves, there is a greater demand for higher standards and better quality of healthcare contact center service.Today’s competitive healthcare organizations are under constant pressure to deliver a more precise level of support at a much faster pace – whether by phone, email, chat or social media.PanAmericom is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), has a compliance officer and has the discipline to manage and maintain a compliant operation.


The ability to achieve world class contact center performance-level metrics while still maintaining the voice of customer (VOC) metrics such as first call resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction (CSAT).PanAmericom provides world-class contact center performance-level metrics while still maintaining measures of customer sentiment, including VOC, FCR and CSAT.PanAmericom uses dynamic real-time reporting that provides high level snapshots as well as detailed reporting that can be used by frontline contact center management.

Management upholds and works to surpass key performance indicators (KPI) and benchmarks.

Reporting suites include call volume by day part and call type, agent utilization, quality assurance and speech analytics.


The ability to onboard the next wave of new enrollments, which will require support from the contact center’s workforce management team to accurately forecast the anticipated increase in call (email, chat) volume and create a plan to add staff.

With these increases, they must allocate the appropriate budget and build out their facility to accommodate the influx of new staff.

The implementation plan should include an expansive number of workstations, computers, software licenses, connectivity and telecom ports.

PanAmericom’s center include workstations for your dedicated team of specialists, as well as the training, quality assurance and meeting rooms required to support your team’s operations.

It has the facilities and technology to expand your program as forecasted during peak and promotional periods.


Creating and maintaining a dynamic culture throughout the organization that will reinforce our mission and keep everyone focused on providing value to our providers, employers and individuals.Every policy, procedure and training program is designed to assimilate the values, standards and characteristics of the organizations we represent.

The emphasis begins with recruitment of our dedicated specialists and permeates the entire process, from selection of specialists to training and nesting in the contact center.

The adaptation of your organization’s culture is reflected in signage and often product samples within the call center. Our dedicated management team diligently reinforces your brand’s continuity.


Working to maintain and secure a high level of privacy that will shield and protect the employer’s and the member’s sensitive digital information. Maintaining HIPAA compliance, along with all other Industry regulations, across all channels of communication throughout the organization. 

PanAmericom regards privacy and data security as top priority for all accounts, whether in healthcare of other Industries. PanAmericom is compliant with HIPAA, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI1) and System and Organization Controls (SOC2)

Additional measures we take to ensure data security include: employing firewalls to strictly control network access; segregating server/data layers from user layers; providing policy, procedure and training on data security; maintaining a paper-free environment; operating more than 200 cameras that are installed on our premises; and controlling facility access by program type.


Selecting qualified candidates who are career-driven, want to be part of something that adds value to people’s lives and want to help people.

Our Human Resources department seeks career-driven candidates with room for advancement and who want to assist people through their healthcare challenges. PanAmericom works with the brand to create a profile of the ideal candidate.Recruitment of specialists includes a rigorous testing process to assess abilities, such as understanding the member’s needs, documenting the issue, problem solving and creating the resolution. Human resources will initiate the interview process and the project manager for the application has the final say.Mixing the experience of tenured employees with new recruits has proven to be a positive formula.


Assembling a team that can manage and care for our providers, employers, members and our business.PanAmericom’s success has been largely due to our dedicated project manager model. Your PanAmericom project manager is in constant communication with your designated point of contact to discuss people, metrics, plans, forecasts and everything else affecting your program.The first step is to assemble a team comprised of members from both companies, including such disciplines as training, marketing, product development, operations, quality assurance, merchandising, IT, project management and human resources.Members visit each other’s locations and begin the process of conveying and assimilating the culture behind the brand.All the creative energy and hard work of the combined team is channeled into a few minutes of the best possible customer care.  And the reason the most trusted brands trust PanAmericom becomes clear.


Providing training for new staff to maintain the contact center performance-level metrics while on-boarding new members.

PanAmericom’s training programs give our specialists the soft skills, product knowledge and brand understanding needed to consistently deliver outstanding customer experiences. Training, agent retention and growth in skills and knowledge base are vital to maintaining the continuity of your business.Our approach to training is flexible and tailored for every client.Depending on your needs, we conduct classroom training programs for our Brand Specialists and each program is customized for your products, culture and systems. All training is instructor-led, allowing our Brand Specialists to always interact with subject matter experts.Our quality assurance analysts, project managers and trainers are accessible to our Brand Specialists to provide answers and guidance on the spot. Our more experienced agents also serve as mentors and resources for our newer Brand Specialists.


PanAmericom’s healthcare programs provide executives with solutions as they face a challenging environment.We share a commitment with our client partners to enhance the customer experience and brand in a demanding healthcare industry that is constantly in change.