Outbound services

Expert communicators on your side.

For lead generation, prospect qualification and more, our Care Specialists have the communication skills to make your program a success.

We have 10-plus years of experience helping clients in a wide range of industries structure their outbound programs for success. That experience is available to you when you choose PanAmericom as your outsourced call center. We offer the flexibility of adjusting the staffing on your account to meet an immediate need, an ongoing program, seasonal peaks and valleys, or one-time projects.

Learning your business

Just as we do for all inbound programs, we train our specialists in your business, products and culture, so that they represent your brand as effectively as your own staff when they’re calling, emailing, or chatting with your audience.

We work with you to structure our reports to provide quantitative data in a format that you can rapidly analyze and act on to meet the business objectives you established at the outset for your outbound program.

A wide range of outbound services

Examples of our outbound services include:

  • Market research—We develop a list of questions from scratch, or help you refine yours so that the results you get from a survey or poll are statistically valid and can lead to the insights you’re looking for.
  • Outbound sales—We collaborate with you on a script that effectively boosts conversions and revenue from cross-selling and upselling.
  • Lead generation and prospect qualification—We save you time and money by allowing your sales team to do what they do best—speak with highly qualified prospects. We create a call plan to introduce your company and products to the marketplace, qualify prospects, and pass on only the best leads to your sales team for follow up.
  • Crisis management—We help you be proactive by handling product recalls, customer alerts, or setting the record straight on news stories or legislation.
  • Performance review—We contact your staff to determine if they’re delivering the level of service that meets your standards.
  • Quality assurance—We follow up with customers to get feedback on their experience with your products and your company.
  • Direct mail and email—We follow up on your direct mail piece or email to update and cleanse your mailing list, and take the next step in the sales process, including sending more information and scheduling an appointment.
  • Customer retention—We follow up with customers whose subscription or lease or other arrangement is about to expire and offer them such options as extending their agreement and rewards for renewing.