Quality assurance

Consistently meeting your standards.

We evaluate and score every area of the call and pinpoint any areas for improvement. Our goal is for all agents to always have the highest quality interactions with your customers.

Quality is at the very core of our commitments to our clients’ brands. Because of this, a strong quality assurance process is key. PanAmericom utilizes tried-and-true internal methods and integrates them with the metrics that our clients require, objectively measuring agent performance and projecting future performance to reach the desired outcome: a white-glove experience for your customers, and the increased revenue that comes with those happier customers.

Satisfaction with every call

Our goal is to produce a quality interaction every time one of our agents communicates with one of your customers. We achieve this through a series of post-contact evaluations, comprised of “yes or no” and other standardized-type questions designed to maintain objectivity and consistency. These performance assessments measure four main areas of the call (plus others, depending on your needs): the greeting, presentation skills, call management, and the call closing.

By focusing our QA process on these criteria, we can establish with great specificity where there is room for improvement, and how that improvement can be attained consistently from agent to agent. Measurements are taken on everything from how closely the script is followed to how knowledgeable the agent is, with regard to the product or service in question, ensuring the highest possible quality according to your standards.

Equipped with quality

After we’ve collected the appropriate metrics, our quality assurance and management staff begins their analysis. Evaluators score calls to make sure that all of our agent follow the script at a level that is in line with your expectations, interact with your customers in a way that fits your brand personality, and maintain a level of comfort and control that allows them to provide the best possible service.

Once the data has been gathered and the numbers have been crunched, we put them to work through client calibration and agent instruction. Close communication between the client, the managers, and the agents keeps everyone in the loop, progressing forward so that the entire operation can function at a higher level than the sum of its parts.

Quality is one of our passions. Higher quality touch-points lead to more loyal customers; more loyal customers lead to repeat purchases and larger orders. Contact us today to find out more about how our robust quality assurance process can work for you.