Hiring is the key to future success.

We use a process we’ve refined during our 10 years in business to find and train the representatives best suited for your brand and your customer.

Hiring the people with the right set of interpersonal skills, technical knowledge, personality, and affinity for your brand makes all the difference in delivering the results you want from a contact center. At PanAmericom, the process we use to recruit, test and hire Agents has been refined over the last 10 years to ensure the people on your account deliver the results you expect.

By matching the best candidates with the right opportunities within the call center, we are able to retain high-performing employees, reduce turnover, and lower labor costs for our clients. Our talent pool gives the flexibility to staff up for new accounts and to expand services for existing accounts with a combination of seasoned Care Specialists and newer agents.


Here are the steps in our proven recruitment and hiring process.

Understand and define your unique business objectives

Before we can hire representatives that deliver the best results, we need to understand what results are most important to you. Are you trying to increase revenue, reduce operating costs, or both, and what’s the relative importance of the two? Do you want us to cross-sell and upsell? Are we hiring to meet demand for a peak season or year-round? Knowing these answers and more about how you drive revenue and profit is the starting point for hiring the right representatives to help meet your goals.

We assess your company and brand culture

As the Brand Care Contact Center, we place a lot of importance on this step. We immerse ourselves in your brand culture to understand what makes it unique and why it appeals to your customers. Before we recruit and train specialists to fit into your culture, we do what’s necessary to understand it well ourselves.

Understand and define call types

Contact centers handle different types of calls—customer service, sales, technical support, ordering—and each requires a specific set of skills and knowledge. For your account, we define the call types and understand what skills and knowledge a specialist needs to have in order to do an outstanding job with each type of call.

Define job details and key competencies

Different staff members excel at different types of phone calls, and some also have the right combination of skills and aptitude for email or chat interactions. Diction and voice quality, attention to detail, problem-solving ability, technical mastery, and stress tolerance are a few of the personal attributes we evaluate. We analyze each call type, define the skills it requires, and then search out candidates who best fit the profile of the ideal person for the job.

Evaluate candidates

Once we’ve identified candidates, we screen them by phone, and then bring them for in-person interviews and tests involving the skills your call types require. Do they have the necessary communications skills, Sales skills, Technical knowledge, Contact center experience, Customer service personality, Computer navigation abilities and understanding of the customer relationship management (CRM) system?

We also perform background checks and can do customized testing to ensure a candidate meets a specific client’s job specifications. We use the testing process to refine the list of candidates, ending up with only those who are a good fit for your specific account.

Our hiring process ensures compliance with applicable employment and labor laws and other regulations.

Using our proprietary sourcing and recruiting strategy

We’re fortunate to have a large, diverse, multi-lingual talent pool in south Florida; we also have several colleges and universities, so our talent pool is educated as well. Because we’ve been heavily involved in our community for a long time, candidates are familiar with PanAmericom and see us as a desirable employer. For that reason, we have a steady stream of qualified applicants, and we can quickly staff up to meet the demands of new and existing accounts.

Unlike the largest contact centers, which screen candidates over the web, we do our screening and interviewing over the phone and in-person. We believe there are judgments you can make in person about how well a candidate will do on the job that you can’t make over the web or over the phone.

Our objectives are always to:

  • Hire high-quality, qualified employees
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Ensure peak performance
  • Retain employees for the long-term

Review and select candidates

Hiring the right specialist for your account is a team process, where our human resources professionals evaluate test results and interview impressions, and solicit feedback on the candidate from our operations team. We are very selective: We receive over 7,000 applications a year and we hire approximately one in 10 applicants.

Our evaluation process isn’t over once a candidate is hired. After training the new staff member, we make a point of having experienced agents work alongside them, both to coach them and to provide ongoing feedback to management that can help improve the new staffer’s confidence and performance quickly.