Regulatory Compliance

Working to maintain and secure a high level of privacy that will shield and protect the employer’s and the member’s sensitive digital information.

HIPAA/HITECH – Healthcare Applications

CPNI Compliance – Telecom Applications

PCI1 – Fintech Applications

Maintaining HIPAA compliance, along with all other industry regulations, across all channels of communication throughout the organization.

PanAmericom regards privacy and data security as top priority for all accounts, whether in healthcare or other industries. PanAmericom is compliant with HIPAA, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI1) and System and Organization Controls (SOC2).

Additional measures we take to ensure data security include: 

  • Employing firewalls to strictly control network access.

  • Segregating server/data layers from user layers.

  • Providing policy, procedure and training on data security.

  • Maintaining a paper-free environment.

  • Operating CCTV cameras that are installed throughout our premises.

  • Controlling facility access by program type.