Social Media Customer Care

Leveraging the online experience.

Did you know that upwards of 30% of consumer interactions with brands now occur on social media? That’s up 300% from 2010 and the number is growing every year.

At PanAmericom, we understand the importance of delivering the highest level of customer care across all channels, including social media. We have the trained Care Specialists, the technology, and the experience to join the online conversation on your behalf and deliver outstanding brand care.

Almost all brands are using social media for advertising and promotion, but few have established online brand care programs. Internal social customer care teams are difficult to manage, with complex staffing needs, brand voice considerations, and a tendency to fall apart due to internal promotion or attrition.

PanAmericom can be your brand care partner for the social world, providing long-term CRM customer care in social media. Our social brand care experts are there for your customers 24/7 to:


  • Monitor your pages 24/7
  • Answer inbound customer service questions
  • Proactively search out and respond to brand-relevant queries
  • Direct and elevate conversations to the appropriate offline party when necessary
  • Engage users on a one-to-one level, building a true relationship with your brand
  • Seek out and engage key consumer influencers for positive word of mouth
  • Increase positive social brand sentiment while meeting negative sentiment head-on
  • Focus on upselling goals to achieve positive ROI
  • Increase site traffic and order-value while reducing customer frustration
  • Learn from customer conversations about your company and products
  • Make your brand mobile friendly (75% of social consumer questions come from mobile)
  • Capture consumer data for further marketing, CRM, and promotional opportunities


PanAmericom can fully leverage your social media strategy and help you get all those benefits. Here’s how.


Social Media Customer Care – How We Do It

We assess your current needs, determine the appropriate strategy, and work with you to establish branded tone-of-voice and elevation practices.

For consumer insight into your brand, we utilize Radian6, the industry-best tool for listening to social conversations. We use that insight to build out your social opportunity, understand your consumers, and make plans to address any pain points your brand or consumers are currently facing.

Once we’ve determined your opportunity, we establish your consumer-facing team and link them into our social CRM platform. From this dashboard, we are able to monitor and respond to all incoming reviews, and use the system’s built-in project management software to track and quality monitor all outbound interactions. We then engage our own proprietary measurement tool to track, in real-time, your brand lift, community growth, interactions/service level, social eCommerce referrals, and any number of customizable KPI’s to fully serve your social customer.


Social Media Platforms

Each client’s implementation plan will be customized to their individual needs, depending on their industry vertical and how their customers like to interact with their brand. Social media channels we manage include:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus
  • Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and all blogging platforms
  • Yelp, TripAdvisor, FourSquare, Gowalla and all location-based review sites
  • YouTube, Vimeo, and all video networks
  • Forums and comments


Extending the Customer Care Experience to Social Media

Nationally known and respected brands engage us because we’re recognized as a contact center that specializes in delivering high-quality, high-touch services. We do that now for our clients via phone, email and live chat, and doing it via social media channels is a natural extension.

In addition:

  • To increase our cost-effectiveness, we can staff your account with agents dedicated to social media or we can increase the utilization for agents already on your account by training them to handle social media interactions in addition to other duties.
  • To monitor the online conversation, we use Radian6 in combination with Hootsuite to stay on top of conversations and respond to customers in real time. Whatever social media monitoring tools you use, we can integrate them into our workflow and be ready to respond to your customers wherever they gather to share their buying experiences and opinions.

The same skills that enable our Care Specialists to connect so successfully with customers over traditional channels work just as well over social media channels. If you’re looking for the right outsourced contact center to make social media work for you and support your brand image, PanAmericom is the ideal partner.