Data and Reporting

Results-oriented reporting
You need to constantly fine-tune your strategy. At PanAmericom, we deliver detailed reporting that empowers you to make the right decisions, at the right time.

In addition to offering a complete set of standardized reports, we can customize reports to fit your specifications for content, delivery intervals, and integration with applications and your existing reporting infrastructure.

Inbound sales and customer interaction metrics that matter
We create reports on the metrics you use to measure the performance of your outsourced call center, including customer wait time, average call length, abandonment rate, conversion rate, and much more. PanAmericom was one of the first contact centers to offer real-time ACD data reporting through a secure web portal.

There are no limits to the number or type of reports we can provide. Most reports can be obtained via our online portal, on an as-needed basis. You simply log on to a secure site, select a report and date range, and instantly receive the data. We can also deliver the reports to an FTP site for you to download, or can transfer the formatted data to you via web services so you can immediately use it in your CRM application or other systems you’re running in-house.

We create summaries and detailed reports so you can see both the big picture at a glance and get the specifics you need to understand trends and patterns in calls, customer service and outbound programs.

Tracking metrics for outbound programs
For outbound programs, we provide daily reports on number of calls attempted, calls completed, number of sales, average sale, and more. You can quickly tell how well your outbound campaign is working and which agents are your best producers.

For lead-generation programs, we can capture and track a range of information, including such key metrics as cost-per-acquisition, and post them to the FTP site or make them available to you via our portal so you can follow up and convert opportunities into sales. You can see if a tactic isn’t working well and can take steps to fix it; or, if a tactic is working exceptionally well, you can expand its use and generate more leads and sales.

Using reports to manage your programs
Our reports monitor metrics and KPIs that measure the success of your programs, enabling you to continuously refine your tactics. You can also use our reports to quickly identify common or recurring issues and take steps to correct them.

By delivering the data you request, at the intervals you request, in the format you request, and via the channel you request, our reports help you understand, fine-tune, and optimize your outsourced call center services to improve results and customer satisfaction.